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Monday, June 4, 2012

groovy food storage

I've been on the hunt for a second hand bread crock for years, last week I finally hit the jackpot, and it wasn't even brown!!
Breaking from tradition I've decided to use it for spice storage. 
I buy spices in bulk but my current system of storage, 3x10 litre plastic buckets+ lids to hold the large packets is driving me crazy. 
 The spice packet I need is always in the bottom bucket no matter, which variety it is. It was really hard to find a crock without cracks, so by using it as a spice bin, I won't be opening it every day- Should last for years and very easy on my back!! Today I put the crock storage to the test, and made a variety of spice mixes. I'm pleased to report it took half the time & I enjoyed the process a whole lot more.
Freshly roasted Garam Masala.
Previously I picked up this little beauty (below) at Stuf & Co, to hold my daily loaf-  I've had to ban myself from this shop. Works a treat, freshness wise & I've even taken to storing my cakes in there. Funny how they knew what they were doing in older times. 
And by going back to a simpler life, I can embrace this history while recycling this gorgeous bread bin. Sorta makes me feel warm & fuzzy!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Il do a post on the cake stands. It's not hard.
    You can buy the kits and we use a Diamond drill.
    Love your bread bin. Wish I had my Mums stainless steel one.

    1. Thanks Chris, will look forward to the post as I def want to give it a go!


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