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Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY insulation..

Reno's: Will they ever end, I swear it would have been easier to build than fix up this non handy mess!!
Before: Removing the South facing, heat sucking, window
After: Re-Insulating without gaps!! 

Renovating is expensive & then there's the driving around factor, trying to find a bargain.  Lucky for me I found Cygnet Batts; today we finally picked up a load of the R4.0's. 
Each packet is suppose to cover approx 9 SQ mtrs but we actually ended up halving each batt because they were too thick to fit between the joists- Meaning we used less than half a packet for this job. Yipee!
TIP: For those new to insulating..measure the joists & cut (rather than tear) the batt to size so they fit in between snugly. I used a long spirit level to push the batt flat & then cut with a stanley knife along the measured edge, with a wood offcut underneath. 
That way I got a straight clean tight fit..have fun but remember..not one gap!

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