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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dismantling Depression- Gyuto monks style!

Yesterday I trotted off to the last day of the Gyuto monks program, on the waterfront in Hobart. With a good turnout, todays topic is about depression and how to dismantle it or take it's power away.
I there anyone out there how hasn't personally been touched by depression in some way?? Thinking back, I recall my first experience came while working with a budding young film maker, an amazing guy who was full of exuberance, life & love. One day I came to work and found him absent. PC as we affectionately called him, had taken his own life due to depression, we were stunned. 

The hour has slipped by in what seems like five minutes. Gen Lama has left us with two good skills to trick our minds of the seeds of depression. Step 1: Hold a single viewpoint. Override a negative thought with a stronger positive affirmation, during meditation. So if your'e chastising yourself try focusing on a bright spot...i'e: My life is so amazing/creative/interesting. Sit on this thought until you feel a lightest of being come in. If your mind wanders just bring it back. Step 2: Meditate on your depression, feel it & speak with it. See it as wisdom, growth & insight coming to you. An awakening of sorts, compassion for others out there feeling the same way & understand that you are strong enough to cope. Maybe your depression is saving someone else from suffering it, in a way you are taking one for the Universal Team...

Gen Lama also left us with two final clinchers!!! 1. Thoughts count- What you think affects everyone. If you want to act compassionately then monitor your thoughts before actions. 
2. Depression is self indulgent- If you were just surviving would you have the time or energy to be depressed and nurture it.

I wonder..with all of our technologies, resources & media, are we bombarding ourselves with too much information and negativity?? What happens half way around the world is beamed into our lounge rooms almost instantaneously. It can all seem deeply disturbing to the more sensitive amongst us. But since moving down to the 'bottom' of Australia I love that most of the people I now meet, have hopped off the 'rat race' and are re embracing the basics of what seemed a bygone era. There's something simply special about reading a good book, digging in the ground or trying your hand at knitting. It energises and reconnects us, and is probably why so many of us are moving to Tasmania. Tassie hasn't lost the art of human connection, people let you in here, they care and give their time freely.. but that's another post and why I decided to move here..
take care..

*This post is in no way judging, diagnosing or treating your depression, it is intended only as a sharing experience and it is recommended you seek professional advice for any individual case.

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