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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the adventures of Polly..

..the very intrepid Sealyham Terrier.
I'm on my favourite house sit in Hobart with Polly dog.
And boy is she putting me through HER paces!!

She's milking it and now she's trying to..
  • sleep on my bed. 
  • sit with me on the lounge- She snores, rolls & drives me crazy.
  • numerous walks a day- Constant pawing & badgering.
  • eat tasty dinner treats off my plate 
  • dog treats for no reason
  • continuous pats/attention
Now I know she wouldn't be trying or getting away with any of this, if her folks were home.
But perhaps her biggest no no, is sitting right in front of the gas heater vent with her Winter coat on. Apart from the fact the heater thermostat stays on, because there's a dog jammed in front of it, I'm also worried about some coat & fur singe.

Yesterday while working at the Source, a customer came in lamenting about how her dog now demands to sit on her couch, after picking up the habit with the holiday dog sitter. Oh dear, I thought, with a touch of guilt kicking in, that's actually me too!! At least Zuki dog will be visiting tonight, so she can hang outside with him...enjoying some brisk Tassie weather!!

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