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Thursday, March 8, 2012

rowing @ Franklin..

A call out from a friend, for Ladies interested in flexing their muscles & joining a rowing group- Been in action for 4 weeks!  Boats are 4 crew using sculls to propel which means a pair of oars ,one on each side per rower. 90% of the women are first timers, so you don’t need experience.


A Donation of $5 per week is welcome, but isn’t compulsory.

Tim (from The Aqua Grill) is our very patient but thorough trainer/coach/mood lightener. Don't worry if you're not physically strong, just bring an open mind & be willing to learn on your feet, so to speak!

It’s 7am START (6.55am ARRIVAL so we can get on the water sooner) at the Franklin Rowing sheds, FINISH no later than 8.45am. That includes set up and pack down times. (Its usually more like 8.35/8.40)


  1. Which day do you know? I went a few times with the 9am Friday group but quickly worked out that it just doesn't fit in with my FT work. So this early start would be better.

    1. Oh gosh I left that bit out..Thursday mornings. I like the idea but will stick to my on & off again canoeing!


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