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Sunday, March 4, 2012

be careful what you wish for!

Well I did wish for stinking hot weather while in Adelaide- I got about three days in excess of 37 C. So what’s a girl to do, I bee line to the pool & cool off with the locals.


And what a cool pool it is! Two hours of midday swimming without sunscreen, and I didn’t burn at all. Tassie definitely has the harshest sun.

Next I chilled with a spot of relaxing Reiki- By donation is such a nice thought.


With the temperature hitting 40, I think something loose & cool to wear would be the go. It’s taken me awhile to find Karma Sukra which has relocated to Hindley St & Norwood. It never disappoints & an hour later I have a cute sun frock already on.


My shopping radar then takes me to the groovy-retro Irving baby, for some more funky finds.

Closely followed by the Red Cross retro-vintage garment & accessory shop on Rundle st East- Not to be missed, it’s cheap with unusual finds!!

P2260044  It’s no wonder my backpack burst at the seams, I could hardly carry it to the airport!

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