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Saturday, February 4, 2012


it’s my last week of fruit preserving for the season.
we took another trip up to Cane orchards in Franklin, thanks to a longer fruit season this year, plus back in Cygnet I grabbed one last bucket of $10 cherries before they finish up. On the agenda this week is preserved peach/nectarine 1/4’s and a rich bottled cherry sauce for desserts over Winter- Lucky I’m a speedy cherry pitter, makes a juicy staining mess thou!
i was so super happy with my cherry, vanilla bean & rosewater jam. This year I perfected it by adding a lil bag of my frozen gooseberries, to boost the pectin content-gel factor, which is always an issue with cherries.
P1310058After a short break it’ll be tomato time…oh & last count i have 95 jars of tasty preserves!!

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