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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day tripping..

Today I physically lobbed back, althou mentally I feel away with the pixies. Earlier, I waited 55 mins in the pouring Adelaide rain for bus no. 1. It was 45 mins late, which made for anxious times wondering if I would make my connecting airport bus. Resigned to a wait, I decided to check out Brompton’s recently revamped street art.

P2280048 P2280052
P2280058 P2280054

One last indulgence at Adelaide airport’s Cocolat, is the yummiest white/dark Hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Then I longingly wandered past the Cibo & Coopers shops but enough is enough. The same can’t be said for Tullamarine, which could only offer up Krispy Kreme donuts & not much else. Ah well after my day of transfers I am finally back in the Huon feeling weary, delirious & sleep just isn’t coming.














Checkout the clouds man!!!!

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