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Friday, February 10, 2012

Adelaide’s fringe festival

is on again from February 24th until 18th March.


The Adelaide Fringe is a diverse arts festival, renowned for fresh ideas, spontaneity and fun. Artists from around the globe participate alongside home-grown talent, in art forms spanning cabaret, comedy, circus, dance, film, theatre, puppetry, music, visual art and design. Adelaide Fringe literally takes over the entire city with events staged in parks, warehouses, lane-ways and empty buildings as well as established venues such as theatres, hotels, art galleries, cafes and town halls.


With opening night ticket prices starting from $5 and most hovering around the $18/$22 mark, it’s an affordable festival. Lucky me, I’ve scored a solo house-sitting gig right near the city, this time it’s dog free so I can head into the Fringe every night. Online tickets are selling fast..never been, it’s a wild time & not to be missed!!


Carnally, where do we go from here...

features a Cygnet based artistic duo, I’m hoping to catch their show, it’s selling fast…GOOD LUCK GUYS!

One last thing, please Mr. Weather man, I want stinking hot Adelaide weather, so I can soak up some beach action too!!

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  1. We would love to go to the Fringe. The timing is never right for us.
    Have a great time. Hope You can make it to the Tamar valley F F one year.

  2. Sounds really great too & we're looking forward to exploring the Tamar before Summer's out!


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