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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

treat yourself..

Partial to long regular massages, I was pleased to find Kate Richardson’s flyer at NVS hairdressing in Huonville- All the girls at the Salon were raving about her!


The Huna massage was a first for me. With long flowing strokes using her forearms, elbows as well as two hands, combining body draining, soft and deep tissue massage, under body massage, and energy balancing it formed a very dynamic & delightfully oiled up session. I loved my 1.5 hours of pampering and wonderful touches, like the disposal G-Strings! Next time I’m going back for the Hot Stone Massage or reflexology, sounds very soothing.

Kate is just out of Huonville on the Franklin side and with clients venturing from Hobart, partly due to her reasonable pricing, she’s a gem to have locally.


  1. That sounds divine and like a massage I would enjoy. Something between the soft beauty therapy and the excruciating sports.

  2. It def was..unfortunately I have heard on the grapevine that she's not busy enough to stay in Tassie & is thinking of heading back to the Big Isle- Oh Nooooooo!!!


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