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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grove Green shed

For years I’ve driven past this roadside shed and wondered of the gems inside. I think it’s only open for a short season, so it’s easily missed. But after my first pit stop there this week, my advice is to drop on by, it’s terrific!P1120009 Cherries, luscious fat strawbs, real apricots, garlic, preserves, sauces, vinegars and much more. I left with fruits and a local unheated wild leatherwood honey- It’s one of the best I’ve tried. There were also a couple of very relaxed dogs to pat, napping at the entrance.

With a bit of time to kill, we zipped up to Geeveston’s Southern Design Centre and had a great value no frills lunch. While there I picked up this gorgeous Korean Stainless 5 cup teapot for $5. A good inclusion to my collection.

“The Green Shed” cherry orchard
2300 Huon Highway, Grove
Corner of Longley Road and Huon Highway
Shed Door Sales. Our farm sweet cherries (picked
daily), purple and white garlic, nectarines, greengages
(plums). Also local raspberries, jams, chutneys, apricots
and fresh seasonal vegetables (when available).
Open mid Dec - late Feb depending on season.
(Closed Christmas Day) Open 8am-6pm.
Contact 03 6264 2553 |

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  1. and they have just reduced the cherries to 3kg for $10, bargain. They have really nice juicy cherries at the green shed, i live not far away and have had a few kg's already.


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