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Thursday, December 15, 2011

it’s concerning..

..or am I just overreacting??
Yesterday evening I was pottering in the garden near the side boundary when suddenly I heard gunshots on the neighbouring property. “Sounds like a 22,” said a friend. I didn’t have a clue, but recognised it was occurring quite close to my house. It continued for around forty minutes and put a sudden stop to my blissful gardening.
Now there’s a few issues that have me concerned. This area is quite densely populated with small scale properties that back onto each other, it’s almost suburbia so close to town. The terrain here is steep, so there’s the possibility of affecting a lot of land owners on each side of the ridge and it’s not uncommon for kids, big and small, to walk around the bush here, enjoying it’s simplicity. A few phone calls later and it’s clear other, not so near, residents are also horrified. I know going over to ask them to stop is pointless, they certainly have a history of not caring what anyone thinks. For years we’ve have to deal with their free-ranging pets, which they refuse to contain. And recently their dog has been harassing wildlife on our property- Our patch of grass is the only safe zone for the local resident pademelons, which are all carrying young right now.

So my question remainsHow do you make people care and consider how their actions may be affecting others? Why won’t they take responsibility for their pets & livestock? Why don't people understand their actions might have a flow on affect- Like the time my brother set all his neighbouring properties on fire from welding on a 42 degree day, he had no concept that his actions might affect others, until he had to compensate landowners for lost crops! Boy was that a learning curve from living in his own personal bubble! 
Having said that, we have a fabulous local caring and supportive community around this stretch of the hill, but here's always one, isn't there!


  1. I think you should put a call into your local police and ask them whether what they are doing is illegal..... you dont have to make a complaint but find out your facts first. Then you can make a decision whether to complain now or complain when they do it again. I think you will find they are in the wrong.... The Police will also be able to advise you.... you shouldnt have to put up with it - what if they miss their target and hit someone??

  2. We eventually rang the police, in Hobart for advice. Manned police shops are be a bit short on the ground, down this way. There wasn't much they could do after the event. But I've since been told that you cannot discharge a weapon within 250 mtrs of a dwelling- That rules it out on this hill. I've spread the word & if it continues we will have a neighbours meeting & take community action. I'm well aware that another neighbours intellectually disabled son, regularly walks along the ridge, it def puts him and others at risk.

  3. This would upset me tremendously, most especially a dog harming / taking wildlife at all, and especially on my property. I would be distraught, also with the gunshots, but it is so hard to know what to do, isn't it? This is why such situations appear on current affairs type shows all the time. The difficulty with such people is, once they know their actions upset others, they tend to start doing them all the more. Very difficult situation. I think action in numbers is the best and safest bet and maybe a good starting point is like a gentle, genuine conflict-resolution type approach explaining why the actions are upsetting to others, their fears and concerns and worries and risks. Not that that sort of thing usually works with such people, but it's a good starting point, no? Good luck and keep us posted.

  4. Thanks Carolyn, very constructive advice indeed.


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