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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do dogs meditate??#*

Now you're probably thinking I have totally flipped out. But I can’t help but wonder what my dog is doing when he sits & stares into space, over the valley, for hours every day- Sure he also sleeps a lot too!

P2240051 (2)


So in my curiosity, I decided to Google doggie meditation. No surprises there, someone has not only written a book on the subject but you can also go to meditation classes together. Apparently people who meditate with their dog, report the most amazing experiences.  I wonder if my dog is a meditation guru??? Certainly my previous Miniature Schnauzer wasn’t when he tried to attack a Buddhist Lama, God that was embarrassing. Not so for Zuki, he loves all people, is chilled and lives totally for today. Now all I have to do is follow his lead!!!

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  1. I know when Bella stares into space there is definitely nothing going on, but Lucy, I'm not so sure. I think she is a deep thinker.


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