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Monday, October 17, 2011

wide open road

Oh goodie, a car documentary, why not watch it, I could always learn something more about our Aussie car history!

Australian vintage cars were part & parcel of my childhood, we had all the old beauties. We tinkered on them, drove them & loved them. My favourite was the EH, Uncle Lyall had two wagons. These were to start off my driving years, at the tender age of 13, while on a farm. I’ve had a long line of cars since then. But my preference these days is with old VW’s, with one previously owned Beetle, being my best baby ever. There’s definitely a few motoring bits in my gene pool with my love of cars & motorbikes..

image Back to the documentary. Tonight’s Part 1 is how a group of maverick petrol heads were able to unite the country by conquering the vast distances between the main colonial cities and towns .

Surprisingly, time passes in a blink. I am transfixed by early 1900’s black ‘n’ white footage of trail blazing pioneers, early female mechanics, vintage cars & groovy fashions- A couple of cute dogs too! The outback bush scenery, is wild & rugged, seeing early SA footage has me in stitches. All this left me wanting more, I can’t wait to watch the other two parts.

Check out Part 1 on I View, Part 2 & 3 screens Sunday ABC 1 @ 7.30pm, 23rd and 30th October 2011 (repeated ABC 2 following Monday @ 8.30pm)

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