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Saturday, October 22, 2011

building an outdoor brick oven.

Step 1.. imageResearch..

Anyone involved in SA’s hospitality industry would know of Russell Jeavons. Until recently he owned one of the grooviest Friday night only rustic eating spots in Willunga, South of Adelaide-Serving up pizza’s, wood oven tucker & wild free-spirited Tango. His fresh, simple, regional foods were entirely cooked in his wood-fired brick ovens.

Russell is the man in the know when it comes to building a brick oven. So I was pleased to find the Tassie library has copies of his book. Part 1: Takes you thru a step-by-step guide of how to build an oven, from choosing the site to firing up for your first bake. Part 2: Explains how to cook in the oven. It’s been a good read and definitely worth a borrow..

I hear Russell’s Pizza is still alive & kicking. Booking a table is tricky with Adelaideans & locals keeping it booked out months ahead- It’s truly a unique, passion driven eating spot. Willunga is, in my opinion, the Cygnet of SA- Even has a top, middle & bottom pub! If your heading to SA, Willlunga or Mc Laren Vale are great places to base yourself, while savouring fabulous wines, top knotch cuisine (Fino, Star of Greece, Darry’s Verandah) while in pristine beach or vineyard locations..

Checkout a great blog article about Russell’s Pizzas on Megalomaniac


  1. I love this book and love Willunga, my sister lives there and we always eat at Russell's when I visit . We built our brick oven using this book, but alas went for the "optimist" model, one on a wood base. Sigh, it burnt down :(

  2. Lucky you with family in Willunga..Yes we decided against a wood base, sounds like a good decision after your experience..thanks for the feedback!!


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