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Monday, October 3, 2011

Absorbing the essence..Qigong

PA020033 PA020034

(Master Simon Blow demonstrating the first sequence of the Ancient Wild Goose Qigong form.)

With 22 people participating & a waiting list to attend, it was another very successful weekend workshop. Cygnet is so lucky to have two passionate & dedicated teachers in Sylvie & Amanda. Today both groups are as one, along with additional eager students from Hobart, Franklin, Geeveston & everywhere in between. But for today, our brief is to aim for Mind Neutral & go slowly with the flow. With an abundance of delicious morning/afternoon teas & our shared organic lunch, I feel deeply relaxed, contented and seriously worked, inside & out!

Great news, Simon will be back next year for more of the same. Also in the pipeline is possibly a 5 day non-residential Wild Goose Qigong workshop in 2013. That’s wild news for Cygnet, Tasmania & will attract many students from interstate. Watch this space for details.

At the end of the workshop I’m left wondering, how ever did I manage to lob myself in such a friendly & caring community. It certainly wasn’t planned, when we headed off for a trip around Australia!

Thanks Simon, we look forward to your next amazing visit…

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