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Monday, September 5, 2011

walking the dog..

Great doggie news..The Huon Valley Dog Walkers are heading out for their inaugural social event this Saturday the 10th of September. First up is a walk to Cygnet’s Sailing Club. This promises to be an easy walk & a good chance to get Fido use to being around other dogs, of all shapes, sizes & temperaments. And in my case, get Zuki dog to walk nicely on a lead- He’s a blockie boy!

Later in September, we will also be promenading on Franklin’s foreshore with the bold & beautiful, of the doggie world. This will take off at 10.30am from Petty Sessions car park in Franklin, on Saturday the 24th. We’d love you to join us on a walk. Better dog facilities will only happen, if we make the effort. So come on, let’s make it happen..hope to see you there!!!

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  1. We'll come along to the one on the 24th, with the two mutleys in tow. Know what you mean about the lead walking thing... or in our case, the haltie collars to prevent the draught dogs pulling... yeah right. See you there!

  2. Fantastic, I had you in mind when we organised the Franklin walk..I may be joining you with the haltie collar, stops Zuki towing me!!


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