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Sunday, September 25, 2011


I pottered in the garden. Nothing too active, just a bit of TLC, here & there. The poly tunnel’s ready for new Spring plantings, once we eat all the yummy bits inside!



Left: A bed of mixed greens, ready for table. Right: Loads of Fennel bulbs.


My Native Pig face cuttings gleaned from a local beach, have taken off over Winter. After trimming I left them to dry on a tray near the wood heater- Around 2 weeks or until they’re shrivelled. Then I popped them into a pot of garden soil and watered them every once in a while. Pretty fool proof really..

If you're out picking pig face make sure you get Carpobrotus rossii with bright magenta flowers & not the invasive yellow flower Carpobrotus edulis pest.


Lastly, I’m making 2lt’s of garden fertilising ‘Tea’.

Left: A few leaves of comfrey + rainwater. Right: Stinging nettles + rainwater. I’ll leave these to ferment in my garden shed for 2-4 weeks. To use, I usually dilute quite randomly with water, approx 100ml of ‘Tea’ per litre is my aim!!!

Why buy it when you can make it!

Happy Spring gardening..

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