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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

to receive..

imageOn the weekend, I offloaded my extra garden greens. After selling enough to cover my lunch, I decided to have some fun & give the rest away. Looking into the crowd, I sussed out who I hoped would benefit from some yummy home-grown greens.

I’ve recently read, that receiving requires a humility & letting go that can make us feel uncomfortable. We’re usually more comfortable giving, as this makes us feel securely in control.

Certainly this was the case when I unconditionally offered my produce to one person. Suddenly a look of fear, confusion & horror crossed their face, “Why, what do you want from me,” it said. Their discomfort was increasing, so I retreated while wishing them a happy day. It was def food for thought thou!!

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  1. This is just my own personal observation - the more practised one is at giving unconditionally, the more practised they also become with accepting. It does feel uncomfortable but when you have been on one end, the other starts to feel more natural and you can become more gracious. I only got a quarter of my strawberries shifted and I think you are right, it's probably getting a bit late now.


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