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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog walk no 2..

Saturday’s Huon Valley Dog Walkers outing to Franklin, was another fabulous doggie day out. There were loads of new friendly faces plus their furry four legged companions. 
The weather held out as we walked the banks of the Huon River, giving us a chance to get to know each other & for our dogs to properly socialise.
Zuki was excited to see Baerli, who he’s played with before & it was great to meet Nat & her delightful Whippet. Unfortunately there's just no chance of Zuki trotting alongside me today, he's so hyper because it's familiar turf- Next time it’s the halti for him! 
It's been a great day out, I had to wake Zuki to feed him dinner & he looked quite dishevelled on Sunday while snoozing on the porch, ALL DAY!!
For the upcoming October walks..I will post details when finalised.
Photo courtesy of Val..thankyou!

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