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Friday, September 9, 2011

CWA calendar cookbooks

circa 1960 something..

Picking out the day’s date

and cooking the listed recipe

filled me with childhood delight.



These four are looking a tad weary,

while stains reveal the popular dates.

Grandma’s scribbled birthday greeting

to her daughter is slowly fading,

but I treasure these like nothing else.


  1. Oh heavenly...Old CWA books, you lucky duck :)

    I think my mum might have one of these in her possession.

    A cherished part of history...enjoy!

  2. I haven't seen the "callanderised" ones before but I bet I couldn't stick to a date. It would certainly take the guess work out. It's a wonder someone hasn't done a revival modern version. "Jamie Oliver's year of Puddings"

  3. That's a really top idea Tanya..and possibly your mum does have one Tania, as these were a SA, CWA publication..


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