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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

support when you need it???

I’ve a very dear friend, who’s spent 3 months in a Rehab hospital awaiting additional support hours at home. Unfortunately she has learnt first-hand how dysfunctional and crisis-driven the disability support system is and how it's seriously in need of an overhaul.

The state agency scratches to find $120 a day in support for her at home while a bed in this acute ward costs $600 a day. The nurses tell her they've had people in the same situation for up to 2 years.



I’ve added my support to the campaign, I just can’t imagine, how I’d feel waiting indefinitely in Rehab, at such a young vibrant age. You can send a message to your local Premier about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) before Friday. From:

…You just never know, what’s around the corner!!!


  1. There's some disturbing statistics there. And you're right, there but for the grace of god etc.

  2. My Dad has been my Mum's full-time carer for almost thirty years now, and has been able to get very very little assistance out of the system - and he has been on all sorts of boards of things like domicillary care and so on, trying to contribute to change for the better. Sadly, I think it will all get worse with our ageing population and the fact that jobs in the caring professions are low paid and people don't want to go into them. It's a dilemma, that's for sure.


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