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Thursday, August 18, 2011


God it can be challenging, sitting around with low energy. 
So I’ve scribbled an e-book, designed to facilitate food awareness.
imageYears ago, when teaching, I hooked up with a variety of Naturopaths, Ayurvedic consultants, GP’s, a trauma meditation retreat centre & other fabulous alternative practitioners. My role was to help breakthrough to students, basically help them to help themselves. The experience was amazing & changed my outlook on life, it was also life changing for my students.

Essentially, I taught students to tap into their innate awareness- By the what, how & when you eat. Thus increasing the balance in your favour, to optimum good health. Food can be an effective healing tool; but it does take time, patience & perseverance in understanding compatibility issues, the energetics of ingredients- What is or isn’t working for you. With lowered immunity the body often becomes reactive & food intolerances are really common.

The recipes in my e-book are designed for anyone interested in eating clean, simple & nutritious dishes. They are not aimed at CFS sufferers but it’s a good place to start if you're experiencing complications from the condition.
In a world where self nurturing seems easier to outsource & stress is so prevalent, I wonder will illnesses like CFS become more commonplace. I really hope not!
If you're experiencing early warning signs of impending ill health..sit up, take note & maybe consider changing your life..before it's changed, possibly permanently, for you!!

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