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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dog walking in The Huon..

Fancy a regular doggie play-date, with a friendly group of locals & their  furry friends. Then the Huon Valley Dog Walkers is for you.

In July, the first meeting was called as a result of the inadequate provision of dog walking facilities in the Huon Valley, particularly Cygnet, and the desire of local residents to work with council to rectify the situation. There is also a distinct lack of doggie bins and bags, where dogs are regularly walked. Changes are long overdue but local community support is needed, lets face it, a socialised dog is a happy dog & benefits us all.

a sulking Zuki 

Zuki’s day-dreaming of bouncy, hyper working dogs or Labradors to match his energy! 

The next meeting is scheduled for Aug 13th @ Cradoc. I can email on contact details..hope to see you there!!

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