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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a bit of SA great..

Recently we had a visitor from Adelaide, with a case full of boutique edible produce…Yummo!!
It’s been awhile since I’ve pigged out on the amazing Adelaide Hills figs. I'm a big fan of WillaBrand products but I haven’t tried any of his new lines. First up, chocolate enrobed figs were so delicious, I ate them all. Next down the hatch were the glace figs & the pears preserved in saffron & vanilla syrup. Oh my god, how fine. Poor Mr. B, doesn’t even get a look in. “Oh well, at least I don’t drink your Coopers Beers,” I said.
"Thankfully, something’s sacred around here," says he.

Heading to SA, then check out their vast array of local produce. Better still, stay near the Central Market precinct, where access to all the yummy bits, is under one roof & they’re be no chance of going hungry, around this pumping spot!!


  1. Now this is a very fine tip - I'm off to Adelaide early next year - maybe I had better book an extra day to stay (and a small luggage trolley for my butt).
    Loooove figs and anything figgy, and you have so many wonderful accompaniments !
    Lucky Lucky LUCKY you :)

  2. I love those Willabrand chocolate enrobed figs (the dark chocolate ones). I discovered them a couple of years ago at the SA Great shop at Adelaide Airport and have recently found a place here in Canberra that sells them. Very difficult not eating them all in one sitting though.


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