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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

blackberry madness..


Last week I scored a load of frozen blackberries. The freezer is full so I made a fruity syrup to jar. Sugar has been skipped, opting for a hint of jaggery & rosewater. Soo yummy, I’ve been using it for poaching pears, ice creams, cakes, jellies & layered in yoghurt. Made one heck of a mess thou!!!


  1. Looks great.
    I've always believed the sugar is the preservative.
    Will your syrup keep well?

  2. I personally would love it stirred through icecream or yoghurt.

  3. I'll try again...
    Yes, sugar is certainly a preserving agent but not the only way & having heat sealed the jars they will sit on the shelf for 6 mnths, no worries. I did make quite a thick puree/syrup & yes, it's totally yummy on i/c or mixed with natural yoghurt. I don't think I'll bother with keeping a frozen supply of berries this is so totally terrific & handy!!!


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