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Saturday, July 9, 2011

7 things..

I wonder why??

#7 Why do dogs always want to eat chocolate?
#6 Why can only kids swing on monkey bars? One bar in & I'm done for!
#5 Why oh why, do I always live in renovators nightmares delights- I’m like a bee to a honey pot!
#4 Why can you only buy fritz in South Australia?
#3 Why can’t you stop at just one piercing- Even thou they get yanked out at a later date!
#2 Why do you yearn for your natural hair colour, once too many greys show up & it must be coloured.
#1 Why do people try to buy peace of mind?

 Thanks for the twigs fun Nat & here’s 7 different but almost all Tassie links:
P.S: Links your up next..if you want to play, that is... 
 silverhill ..over & out!!!

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