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Restless by nature, on a whim I blew off city living and my career, to try my hand at a simpler-slower life in rural Tasmania. It's going to be one heck of a learning curve..join me as I find my feet, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wild soggy weather..

Heading into Huonville seems like a good idea, but the weather isn’t very user friendly today. Wet & cold, we retreat to the cosy open fire at The Lady Franklin Hotel, in Franklin. Watching the weather deteriorate it’s time to motor, while we still can- The Franklin road looks close to flooding too!P6080041

Huon River picnic area @ 2pm in Huonville.


Huon River broken it’s banks; two deep patches of water on road.


Mist & rolling waves over Cygnet’s boat ramp. You could almost surf some of these waves…


  1. Good pics, you were brave to venture out. I don't mind rain, but it is a bit horrid out there this week. Yesterday even the dog's water bowl had choppy white tipped waves in it!

  2. The weather has certainly been in control this past week! People don't venture out when it is raining sooo hard. You are the exception of course :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! Cathy

  3. wow!! I had no idea it was that bad - lucky it has cleared up today. i hope you are enjoying the glimpses of sunshine :)

  4. We ended up with 54mm of rain..REALLY enjoying the sunshine today..


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