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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

U don’t see this very often..


a car crusher in Geeveston

An older property on the main drag had recently sold, complete with years & years of retired car bodies- Not uncommon in the Huon!  But it was a rare sight to see such a number being recycled. There were a field of hi-vis wearing fellows, trucks, excavators & tractors dragging dozens of cars ready for the crusher. And all these theatrics took place on the main road, it was priceless!!!!


  1. that would have been a sight! great they recycled them... :)

  2. I saw the crushed cars! They were amazing. Wonder what's in store for the sold block ...?

  3. I can answer that one! A British couple have bought the property and plan to totally restore it to it's heritage beauty.

  4. Thanks for that JOC, how fantastic & what a great outcome, will watch with interest. I've admired that property for some time..another future BnB maybe??


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