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Monday, June 13, 2011

Qigong classes..

With our fantabulous Qigong teacher away interstate, I get to baby sit some classes- How exciting!! I‘ve enlisted a book, to help guide me in the intricacies of medical Qigong- A really excellent book!
Reclaiming The Wisdom of the Body by Sandra Hill explores working with the five elements & strengthening weaknesses thru Qigong.
Last week, I had the pleasure of an unexpected root canal- From a really excellent dentist! Late that night, I had an extreme physical reaction to the dental anaesthetic. A first for me, I couldn’t get to my acupuncturist quick enough. Meanwhile I’ve taken Step 1: Qigong exercises to strengthen the spleen & digestion. Step 2: Eating warming, digestible foods & cart around a hot wheat bag. Slowly I’m getting better, but it’s not been fun. Pity it’s only part one of three dental trips..arr.. It seems my body.. really is a temple!!

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