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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Postie POWER!!

Nothing compares to the joys of owning a Kombie, althou my postie bike came a close second. It was eccentric, lovable & downright fun. Ok, so it wasn’t a road bike or Harley, but it def had it’s own merits..

IMGP0156In the market for a postie bike, here’s a few good reasons to consider one…

  • You meet lots of friendly working posties
  • Cheap to purchase & hold their value
  • Solid, sturdy & bullet proof
  • Extremely economical on fuel
  • Great for shopping & free city parking
  • Easy to service & maintain
  • Expert mechanical advice is only a ‘postman’ away

One came up for sale a while back, I was tempted, eventually commonsense kicked in-I still have the driveway from hell! Never the less, I’ll leave you with the most valuable postie bike advice ever…turn off the fuel line whenever you stop or intend to leave it unused, that way your baby will run indefinitely. Ah U gotta lov a postie…I still miss mine!!!


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