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Monday, June 27, 2011


Home alone, which means I can bang around in ‘my’ kitchen till my hearts content!!  Making ice-cream is very noisy business..

I confess..I bought this wiz bang Italian gelato maker online, for a secret sum & it’s worth every dollar- No links involved here!

    P6120013 P6120016


For today’s sweet fun:

  • Organic Leatherwood honey i/c
  • Organic Yoghurt i/c with blackberry ripple
  • 70 % Dark Choc chip & date molasses i/c

I’ve dropped the sugar contents to a bare minimum, (none in the honey) preferring to go for strong fruits or syrups to boost the sweetness- Then it’s not too naughty & they taste divinely fruity. Recently while in Hobart, I instructed Mr. B to buy a sleeve of waffle cones, for visiting young guests. Never one to do things by halves, I hopped into the car & found a box of 250 on the back seat. “But it was cheaper,” he wailed. Yer right!!! $52 worth of waffle cones, we just don’t know that many kids!! The funny thing is, we seem to be getting thru them…


  1. My god, it looks delicious. Can I come and live with you?

  2. So funny...but I have a feeling we would be going through them too. We had dinner at a young friend's place on Sunday night and they brought out the pumpkin ice-cream they had made for us to try. Very earthy and perhaps I would make it for a Halloween or Autumnal dinner party and serve it with a caramel sauce. I would have substituted the sugar for maple syrup too to round out the flavour a bit better but never say never.

  3. Funny your not the first person to ask that!!!

    Pumpkin sounds interesting, earthy & rich. Reminds me of the Sweetpotato, maple syrup & pecan pies, I made in the '80's..

    Lucky for me my i/c is too delicate to transport very far, it's a popular barter request or dinner party addition..Eating out is just getting that much harder-we're so spoilt on home-grown organics!!!


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