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Friday, June 24, 2011

eArly 70’s T-tOwels..

..crumpled from being stored & the last of a childhood collection-I wish I hadn’t ditched the souvenir spoons thou!

I particularly love the ‘We crossed the Nullarbor’ t-towel because we crossed it alright, when it was a dirt road, while sleeping in the back of a valiant station wagon. And we did it every year, driving 24/7 until we pulled into Perth. Scared the heck outta me, especially while on compulsory Kangaroo lookout duty in the passenger seat, “Kangaroo @ 11 O’Clock!”- They breed them big over in WA. Nothing stopped us getting to our destination & looking back it was another priceless experience, courtesy of my overly adventurous Father..

P6030006 P6030004
P6030011 P6030008


Sorry…to subject you to more of my kitsch!!


  1. Ah the good old Aussie souvenir tea towel.
    My Mum loved them.
    I too regret I didn't keep Mums spoons when offered.
    I saw a jug of spoons in a cafe later, and people were having great fun checking out the towns and countries. I just couldn't see the rack at my place.
    Great memories though.

  2. fine specimens! don't be sorry...i love them! :)


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