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Friday, June 3, 2011

basil oil.

Looking at my 2 litre container of freshly picked basil, with the brain cogs turning slowly, I wonder about the quickest way to use it up. It’s a gorgeous sunshiny day, probably good to get outside. God, you would have thought I’d be over cooking by now!!!
Back to my basil, which is piled into a vitamiser, covered with equal olive & rice bran oil & blended. The oil is poured into a fine strainer & transferred into a jar, so it can settle. (Place in the fridge, will take a few days) The minced basil left in the strainer is converted into a fresh Salsa Verde that includes additional chopped anchovies, capers, boiled egg, garlic & lemon juice- Goes great with pan-fried flathead fillets.
Once the oil has settled, I pour off the cloudy basil component & use it for cooking (i.e: Zucchini slice), the clear oil will be used for garnishing various dishes or part of a salad dressing.
I have one solitary pot of basil hanging in there like a champion on my front deck..not for much longer thou, it’s not looking that happy!

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