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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Vintage fly in..

The things you find online….my father’s old flying machine..

I can remember the whole family thought he was plum crazy, when he built this Rhonranger back in the mid 70’s. These days, it looks totally insane!!

Dad was a flying fanatic, most of my childhood was spent sitting in 40+C conditions on airstrips in the middle of dusty nowhere or alternately I’d be ‘co-piloting’ with him.

image*That’s Dad in the back of the EH..and airborne with just a seat belt for safety. No wheels, made for a rough landing!


Dad owned & re-built a host of weird & wonderful flying machines; in later years he completed his most passionate project restoring an Auster aeroplane, which I inherited when he passed. What’s a 20 something career girl, suppose to do with a vintage aircraft- I promptly sold it, to buy a yacht!

I can still remember my mother saying, if the house had wings, it would have fared much better. Nothing ever got fixed at home, for Dad it was flying all the way…right to the end..

…photos courtesy of Geoff Oz..


  1. Perhaps he was meant to be reincarnated into the Wright family but his timing was off! Those photos are definitely of a fanatic! I'm glad Craig's obssession in a little more low key. I suspect he will build one plane only....well maybe two at most aaarrggghh.

  2. Good luck on only one seems to be very addictive fun!!

  3. Ali, that might be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Holy crap!


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