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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supply run..

Zuki’s in the ute ready to go..

1st stop: Mushroom compost in Huonville-The lady selling compost is always up for a good natter. I generally buy compost when we feel like a feed of mushrooms- there’s gotta be a couple kg in these bags, pays for itself!P5280030 

2nd stop: Timber research for proposed kitchen bench tops. Lucky for Zuki there’s a playmate here. The Smithfield is keen on heading home with us-We can’t get him out of the ute!!

3rd stop: Bush Bakery in Leslie Vale. I would’ve taken a picture of their sign, but it appears someone has pinched it. This is where we stock up on take home snacks, they sell trays of pies/pasties etc for workday lunches- Mr. B’s version of fast food. I love the commercial kitchen here, it’s a really good tidy, busy operation with great no nonsense, fresh bakery food.

P5270027 Last stops: Margate train to buy sheep manure off the back of a truck. And Carpet Junction for my new made to measure blinds, which are fantastic- Great price too! Finally, we couldn’t drive thru Margate without stopping at the tip shop.. The ute’s full of stuff, plus there’s one very unhappy dog, because there’s stuff in his ute- It’s time to head home…

(My tip shop ‘old’ prese: a home made elephant cookie cutter- It’s all one piece, made from tin.)

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