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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Initially, we lived in Hobart while searching for our property. I found navigating the one way streets infuriating, but even trickier was working out where to shop. There weren't many large chain supermarkets, thank goodness cause I’m not a fan & prefer a more localised experience but we were really really confused. One day the penny finally dropped when we discovered the local grocery stores.

Yesterday, we visited the latest upmarket offering- The groovy Hill St Grocer’s second location in New Town. The catchy Greek music is, I hear, a trademark & lifts my spirits on this chilly morning. I zoom straight to their amazing cheese range, a large diverse range of Local, Australian & Imported Cheeses. Organic coffee, local produce, breads, larder, local meat, salads etc etc, you name it they stock it- Service is spot on too. We leave fully stocked for our stay in the ‘big smoke’.
Hill Street Grocer: 2 Augusta Rd, New Town.

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  1. Our son lives in Hobart and knows how much I love the Hill st store.
    The new store is close to his home, can't wait to check it out.


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