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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dunalley day tripper..

It’s 11C & there’s a howling chilly wind- Sounds like an ideal day for a country drive.


With Zuki now in Hobart at Polly dogs house, we head off to possibly the best fish & chips in Southern Tasmania.

Word seems to have gotten out, Dunalley fish market is packed. The two men behind the counter, look like they’ve just jumped off a fishing trawler & are really busy cooking fish. Don’t expect a board menu here, it’s all about fresh fish, locally caught & processed onsite.




What you get, is what they have- It’s fun watching people get their head around this concept! For today it’s a mix of octopus, squid & two types of fish, lightly dusted with breadcrumbs, fried or possibly grilled.

At the front door are three holding tanks with colourful fish swimming around-great for big & little kids. Inside, the ‘rustic recycled maritime’ influenced eating area, comes complete with their elderly dog, sitting near the wood heater. Later he takes us for a walk on the jetty & proudly barks at the resident seal putting on a lively comic show. You get the feeling these two have done this all before.


I load up on fresh fish, to take home after chatting to most of the other day trippers eating here. P5080247




Our last stop, is the gorgeous Marion bay & Bream creek area-for future canoeing potential. (pictured right & not to be missed) There’s a hardy bunch of surfers braving the elements-good on em! We elect to drive past Sorell’s antique shops, we’ll leave that for another trip. All in all, it’s been a top day out & worth the chilly drive..


  1. I like that concept of selling what is fresh and in season. There should be more of it across the board. People need to start realising their food is not a year round smorgesboard. I reckon Craig would love that fish shop. We have always wizzed through on our way to White Beach and never really stopped at Dunally.

  2. Yum, that sounds great. We went to Dunalley for a walk a while back but didn't go to the fish market... next time definitely!


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