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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raiding a neighbours garden..

..with permission of course!


Vegie garden sharing, what a fabulous concept.
Jodes, you finally have beautiful ripe tomatoes. 
Bountiful preserves & Passata sauce coming your way, over Easter!!!
And your garden is looking wild but terrific. See you soon & super duper Thanks..

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  1. Hurrah! It sure makes me happy to know that it went into some happy bellies, or has been enhanced into some flavorsome healthy preserve. Great work guys, you're keeping our dream alive! The climate here is wonderful, its still shirt sleeves weather all day and night but Sydney siders have taken to rising at 5.30am and working until 7pm, and weekends in order to fund their dreams, so they don't get to enjoy this much. These long hours are encouraged by the horrendous traffic which you avoid by travelling at these times, and the compressed project deadlines. A three year building project is now expected to be complete in 8 months or less. Wow! This makes them jovial and pleasant to work with. Not! I am working on a data center about the size of 10 bunnings buildings combined. Inside will be tens of thousands of servers. The chillers and other equipment to cool these vast stadiums and the servers use so much power, the power company has to drag another cable 20km to supply it. In any case my point is, i its a world gone mad here in Sydney, even since I was here 3 years ago. If I wasn't returning to our paradise in 7.25 months I'd be despairing. Just something for you to think about next time you think its a bit of a pain that its so cold! I commute 3 hours a day! AAAAGH! Thanks for making the light at the end or the tunnel that much brighter. On the plus side, I'm earning enough to finsh all my projects when I return and live for another year in peace if I should choose. xoxo Blessings to both of you!


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