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Monday, April 11, 2011

Goat Husbandry workshop..

@ RIVENDALE Boer Goat Stud, Cradoc.

For a change of pace, Sunday morning starts in a hay shed complete with goats, goat goodie/information bag & Lorraine our, super duper, goat tutor .
P4100178 Today promises to be hands on & doesn’t disappoint. 
The young goats jump around the pens, vying for attention & hopeful of snacks. 
First up: DIY Hoof trimming; tentatively I manoeuvre the shears, it’s not hard or unpleasant. That hurdle crossed, it’s on to ear tagging, drenching & handling injections-after a shaky start, it’s simple, straight forward & not too scary. 

After my BYO lunch. Nutrition, vaccinations, worming, heath, bio-security, wethering, pregnancy, feed, tattooing, shelters, fencing & legal state regulations are covered in depth. There’s a vast amount of information; it will be good to re-read my goat husbandry manual & handout sheets.
P4100179What did I take from the day? Research the breed best suited to your needs & take care where you source your goats from. Buy from responsible owners who are up to speed on hygiene, worming, tagging & can provide a Declaration (NVD) plus goat health statement. It would be devastating to bring a contaminated-diseased goat to your existing clean herd.
I had loads of fun, learnt stacks & patted every goat within cooee. Once home, Zuki dog glued himself to me, wondering why i smelt so unusually fragrant! Zuki’s very goat friendly & having a dairy goat will be something special to really look forward to!!!

Informed choice & responsible pet/livestock ownership starts with each & every one of us and makes a difference to every animals life.

For more information or details of up-coming courses: 
email Lorraine & Peter Scott

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