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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drying herbs.

For Culinary or Medicinal use.

Why do I dry?P4250212 Zero wastage & year round access is my top priority.

From this I can make my own Medicinal Tea blends; have strong herbs for cooking; presents for friends & bartering commodities. It’s not uncommon to find bundles of herbal joy, hanging around my kitchen- It’s a life long habit which I love.

 Before (Left): Tightly wrapped spearmint & oregano- To keep out dust, cob webs & light.


After (Right): Unwrapped spearmint. The herbs natural essential oils & flavour are preserved when dried quickly in a low light situation- Also retards oxidation/ discolouration of the herbs. Dried herbs retain more flavour if you store the leaves whole. I usually place the dried leaves in a glass jar. And remember that dried herbs are very much stronger than fresh- in effect too!

Those of you with a dehydrator, it’s another possible way to dry your herbs.


  1. So how have you dried these herb bundles and can you use the same method for all herbs? Can you successfull dry basil and corriander this way?

  2. I dry all herbs the same way, by picking a long fresh bunch & wrapping them tightly in paper. (greaseproof or butchers paper etc, but not newspaper because of the ink) Pop a few rubber bands around the bundle & hang them upside-down in a lo light warm spot i.e: a curtain rail inside the dining room/kitchen, until the leaves are crisp to touch. Keep an eye on the drying bunches, so you get to them while the essential oils are strong. Coriander & Basil are the only two, I don't dry. Basil generally discolours & coriander is not always the best dried. My fav option is to make a base paste (oil,garlic & herb) out of these two & freeze them individually. Hope this helps's super easy once you find your drying spot at home.

  3. Thanks so much for the info. That was great.


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