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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vacola syndrome..

..when you just can’t stop preserving.

imageLast month, I took stock & gave away last years preserves. Leaving a manageable quantity that realistically we could eat. Then without notice, my autumn preserving urge kicked in- For weeks I thought of nothing else. Finally, I’m back to normal-whatever that is! And now the pantry’s really chockers.

Here’s a virtual taste, of my preserving pursuits:
  • Apricot & orange blossom jam
  • Yellow plum & vanilla bean jam
  • Pickled home-grown cucumbers
  • Blackberry & rosewater jam
  • Turmeric pickled home-grown zucchini’s
  • Preserved peaches & nectarines
  • Spiced plum sauce
  • Tangy BBQ sauce
  • Sweet chilli sauce
I get the strongest feeling of déjà when preserving. As a child, I remember feeling mesmerised by the jam stockpot, smelling it’s hot molten sweetness. This feeling has never left me. Although the exception was figs, our backyard tree was humongous, there was no escape, from fig jam-Ick! 

Thanks to friends, for donating fruits to soothe my preserving urge. I hope your still enjoying my tasty treats…

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