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Monday, March 28, 2011

Netting our herb patch..

Why net our herb patch? 
To keep the Native animals, from scoring a free feed!
Originally, our herb patch started life as a dog enclosure; in order to comply with the dog’s home requirements of keeping this dog at an unfenced property. Zuki took one step into the enclosure, freaked, I quickly saw an opportunity & the rest is history. Last year, I came out one night to find three possums bouncing on the fence, trying to find a way in. I spent till 2am covering any access points, with odd coloured fish netting. It looks pretty rough & is reasonably hard to work in. So it’s time for an upgrade. Today’s netting, poles, wood, screws & other bits are, once again, courtesy of the Tip shop..

Step 1: Before
(Zuki’s a bit of a poser.)
Step 2: Removing my mess.
Step 3: Netting then fastening.

Finale: Neat, tidy & loads of head-room for gardening.

Huge thanks, to our Canadian helpers for pulling it apart while I watched from the sidelines. But later I prepared a yummy organic lunch, I might add! We decided to encourage bird access via the gate, for some flying pest control-namely Superb blue Wrens & Scarlet/Flame Robins.
Thanks Mr B..your once again, a recycling genius!

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