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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Opening exhibition of the Museum of Old & New Art until 19-07-2011.

Ease dropping in a Hobart shop; a group of local ladies are discussing Mona. Shocking, provocative & outrageous-no it’s far too radical for Hobart. Cool! Mona is our next stop.
The estate is expansive, we wander vaguely in the direction of the museum. At the door, we are greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff & handed an I-Pod plus headphones for the virtual component of our tour. With my jacket & bag deposited in the Cloak room, (a lovely touch) I feel free to explore. Once downstairs on level B1, I fiddle with my I-Pod for what seems an eternity, (initially a distraction) finally I get it together, thanks to an attentive staff member. Packed with useful information, it's a wonderful touch.

Three levels await, amongst playful use of lighting, space, sound & texture. OMG- the art works, antiquities, sculptures, mixed media, water, glass & cinema. Where has he found such a dynamic cross section of worldly art? David Walsh has really achieved the unimaginable, to be interacted upon on every sensory level. His smart use of technology means no art piece has a mounted description; giving the museum impact & edge with lighting, visuals & displays. Boredom just doesn’t set in, it’s like going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I am transfixed & lost in the beautiful spaces- the fusion & diversity of works, really hits my mark.

Three hours in, I have run outta puff & park at The groovy Void Bar with it’s gorgeous sandstone backdrop. I have saved my virtual O Tour & emailed it back home; to relive my big day out in Hobart. Whatever you think, Mona is a gift to Tasmania. I can't wait to go back..again, again & again. Free entry to a museum of this calibre-go interstate & see if it’s still free-if you can find one!

…don’t miss Mona: love or hate it, you won’t know till you see it! 

Open 7 days from 11am-7pm (last entry 6pm)
-allow at least 4 hours to view the Museum.
-there are various food venues, in case you get the munchies, like me.
Free parking but there’s not much of it…(go early!)
or for the full experience; catch a ferry in Hobart to Mona in suburban Berriedale.

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