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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The wonders of Ayurveda..

Years ago, I nervously found myself waiting to see an Indian Ayurvedic Practitioner. Little did I know, this appointment would change my life, on every level.

Essential Ayurveda is, for me, the book that gently translates the complexities of this ancient healing tradition. Unfortunately, I’m no science geek; I need a clear, easy interpretation- this compact book is as simple as it gets.  
Ayurveda is a prevention-orientated healing system that harmonises the body-mind-spirit for optimal wellness. It re-awakens your ability to create balance, health & beauty, from the inside out. There is no going back, Ayurvedic awareness changes you, and for the better, in my case.  It’s a worthwhile read & a good place to start your Ayurvedic journey…


  1. Best Wishes on your new book. Is it available in the USA? Asking so that it can be added to the book list here:

  2. Yes, it is easily & cheaply available in the US & particularly online. Cheers silverhill..


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