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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A meaty ‘tail’..

Warning: If you’re vegetarian or offended by carnivorous activity-best to leave this post ASAP!

We’re not huge meat eaters, in fact before CFS I was a vegetarian- I was pretty hyper & also stick thin. Lucky for me, I hooked up with an occasional meat eater & the rest is history.

We do have a preference for knowing where our meat comes from, how good a life it’s had. So with this in mind, we accept a share of a pampered milk & grass fed Friesian X Angus about 500 mtrs from home.

Suddenly on Friday, it’s ready for pickup from the butchers. I arrive refreshed after some vigorous Qigong, my eyes light-up at the mass of labelled meat cuts in boxes; all meticulously prepped per my specifications.

P2180024 Wow, what an amazing job the Griggs butchers of Huonville, have done. Back home with our mass of meat- I sort, cut, re label & freeze the majority of it. I have chosen cuts like shin, fresh brisket, silverside, blade, round, gravy beef, uncut stewing steak & of course, the tail!

Tonight’s a test run for quality. In our household we often have separate menus; Mr B prefers pub style while I stick to restaurant or Ayurvedic dishes. Cooking 2 meals is a walk in the park for me.P2180028

See His & Hers below!


Seared M-W Eye fillet, home-grown veggies w green peppercorn jus

->Beef Carpaccio w Provolone, capers, caramelised balsamic & virgin olive oil.

And the quality: stunning, the best I’ve ever had..

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