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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turning trash into treasure..

I’ve just borrowed a really interesting DVD from the library.

image The Garbage Warrior is based around fighting for the right to create a sustainable living test site. Maverick architect Michael Reynolds has been building off the grid ‘Earthship’ dwellings for 30 years, both in the US & abroad. Built primarily from aluminium cans, glass bottles, wood, used tyres & render; they naturally cool, heat & provide plus dispose of their own water & waste. But perhaps the most appealing design concept is the glasshouse incorporated in the dwelling itself. Your year round supply of fruit, vegies & herbs, is only a footstep away. With their recycled glass windows, earthy curves & soft natural lines, there’s a surreal beauty to the Earthships.

With all continued hardship & problems associated with the QLD floods. It makes me think that maybe it’s time we took a different approach with managing waste & water.. I feel lucky to be in Tasmania. We have the space & time to work towards making practical sustainable changes that match our current environment. See what you think, it’s worth watching….

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