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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The joys of preserving…

 It’s that time of the year when a frenzy of preserving takes place.
The first challenge is remembering where I stored my vacola jars. Eventually found, I slice the Franklin peaches & stalk the Cygnet cherries, placing fruits into the jars. Next step is to make a light stock syrup which consists of water, rosewater, cinnamon quill & a very small amount of raw sugar-bring this to the boil & pour into the jars until the fruits are covered. I then lid, clip & place the jars into a 100C oven for 1 Hour to vacum seal. By not pre-cooking, I can use the fruits for cakes, desserts or eaten as is. And you don’t need loads of sugar to preserve, I generally add the bare minimum or until a flavour depth is reached.  
Happy Preserving…

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  1. On the preserving again today. I brewed up a strong fruit tea (hibiscus, dried berries, apple, beetroot & elderflower pieces) added palm sugar (to taste)& a touch of pimento. Bottled the peach slices & marvelled at dark rich pink tones of the bottling. It's better to make the preserving syrups a lil stronger in colour & flavour. They lose some of their flavour & colour profile as they age.


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