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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green cleaning..

How clean is your house…on GEM, has become a strange favourite TV program. Hosted by two lively British ladies who have an impressive range of cleaning strategies that don’t involve buying chemicals. Course there’s always the odd exception when you may need a shot of bleach, but not in our tidy abode.

Today, we’re putting green cleaning to the test. Recently, Mr B picked up a dirty leather sofa from the tip shop. Salmon brown is the only way to describe it, I am suitably horrified. “But it’s for the guest studio'”, he pleads-I’m still not sold. By late in the day he’s exhausted numerous ways to clean his treasured find. I take a different approach & mix bi-carb soda with dishwashing detergent to a medium paste. The first wipe lifts the brown stains, surprising even me. My tablespoon of paste has cleaned the 2 seater sofa & lucky for Mr B, the leather is in great condition. I hope the musicians at the Cygnet Folk Festival enjoy our clean sofa while resting between gigs. To polish the leather the TV ladies suggest using 2 parts Linseed oil to 1 part vinegar & rub into the hide. Maybe after the festival when it returns home.

I have a serious aversion to artificial smells, chemicals & fragrances in my home & work environments. Checkout the link above to see how easy it can be…and I had to giggle at some of the online comments, they haven’t really got the gist of chemical free cleaning, it seems..

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