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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CFS observations.

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in rural Tasmania.
Thanks to those of you reading my CFS lifestyle guidelines page. In my efforts to help & increase public awareness, I want to share a few recent discoveries in my pursuit for consistent wellness.
With our recent unpredictable weather, I seem to be hosting every virus in orbit around Tasmania. In the last four months I’ve had less than a week of good energy & to be honest my butt is hurting from sitting on it all the time. One upside, I do have a jolly good excuse for watching DVD’s & daytime telly while glancing out the window at our spectacular views. That, I’m really enjoying…

With my less than happy immune system, I’ve had to enlist some heavy duty expertise to elicit change:

1. Acupuncture at Phoenix centre for Acupuncture (ph:62642630) in Huonville. A most effective way of keeping tabs on what’s happening within the body thru pulse diagnosis, visual & verbal feedback. The difference is usually immediate & lasts for days. I feel progressively stronger with a lot of the CFS symptoms dropping away, permanently. Pretty cool ha!

2. Vitamins: Sceptical, at first, that they would make such a difference but after testing the theory & I wouldn’t recommend it-I have seen the light. Daily vitamins, as recommended by a practitioner, are helpful to keep things on an even keel. This week I’m trying the herbal tincture Five Mushrooms for the first time.

3. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Regression therapy.(Hobart) Not for the faint-hearted but extremely effective at working through personal blocks & releasing stuck energy. Highly recommend-it’s made a huge physicality difference.

4. Herbals teas to increase strength & vitality. With lots of herbs planted in my garden, the plan is to make my own blends. Until then, I’m using the excellent organic TasTea range-available at most markets around Hobart.

5. Goulds Naturopathica: 73 Liverpool St, Hobart-Ph: 62344223. For freshly ground flaxseed's, natural medicines, liquid/dried herbs & herbal creams/tinctures. Goulds have been around as a homoeopathic pharmacy since the late 1800's-a wonderful resource. Naturopaths freely available to all customers in their shop or alternately a personal appointment can be pre-booked at a reasonable cost. Products & herbals etc are organic, fair trade & grown locally or made by Goulds. My first treasured find when I landed in Hobart & the clincher for moving here..

That said, it’s time for a nanna nap, a slice of my super yummy Organic Beetroot & Quince cake then a dose of afternoon viewing. Lucky for me, there’s always my love of food, a good belly laugh, a supportive partner, a silly dog & one day soon a baby miniature goat…

Life is good, no matter how I feel!

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